Guide To Volo Museum Titanic Exhibit (2024)

What would it be like to be on the Titanic on April 14, 1912?

Yes, on this day, the Titanic encountered misfortune, but the story that remains is captivating.

The movie Titanic has provided us with ample evidence of that fateful night.

While this may satisfy the needs of ordinary people, it may not suffice for history enthusiasts out there…

The Volo Museum Titanic Exhibit is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the world of Titanic, just like Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie.

It offers a comprehensive 3D experience of the film, featuring luxury cars and life jackets used by people.

The museum is a tribute to the tragedy and the lives lost in the horrific accident.

What’s the Volo Titanic Experience?

The Volo Titanic Experience delves into the untold stories of the people, including their pain and suffering on that tragic night.

This experience transports you to the era of the Titanic, allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture and stories of the time.

Inside the museum, you can view both the movie’s replica life jacket (soft) and the genuine life jacket (sturdy) used by people.

Imagine that every 15 minutes, the floor tilts by 15 degrees, and you must navigate it to save yourself.

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What to Expect at the Volo Museum Titanic

While there are numerous activities for a full-day visit, here are some you can anticipate:

Explore the Titanic’s sloping decks, mirroring the ship’s angle as it broke in half and descended into the depths.

Step back in time to the Titanic era and admire authentic historical clothing and fashion from First, Second, and Third Class passengers.

Marvel at a collection of rare and luxurious European motor cars, once owned by the ill-fated Titanic passengers, valued in the millions of dollars.

Video Credit: Volo Museum

Immerse your hand in water set at 28°C, just as it was on that fateful night.

Listen to the haunting melodies of the 113-year-old Steinway piano that graced the First Class Dining room moments before the ship collided with the iceberg.

Delve into the heartbreaking stories of men, women, children, and entire families who met their fate aboard the Titanic.

Step inside a wireless telegraph room and experience the chilling sounds of S.O.S. distress signals being sent out.

Witness authentic life jackets that were worn by the passengers themselves.

And much more—it’s like stepping into the real Titanic movie.

What is the cost of a Volo Titanic Exhibit ticket?

One-time ticket prices are $19.95 for individuals aged 5 and above.

How long is the Titanic exhibit at Volo Museum?

The Volo titanic exhibit typically takes about 45 minutes to explore.