Complete Guide To Volo Auto Museum Tickets 2024

Are you an auto enthusiast and want to embark on an unparalleled adventure of automotives?

Then Volo Museum in Chicago is a paradise and everything you need to visit and explore.

Volo Museum is a stunning tourist attraction located in Chicago. Founded in 1960, with due time the museum became one of the world’s largest museums to have an extensive collection of automobiles, artifacts, and antiques.

You will be stepping into the world of Automotive history as you discover the Volo Museum.

A visit to this museum would be a day with exciting adventures and excitement as you will be exploring a wonderful collection of 300+ vintage automobiles.

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You will get a chance to experience the evolution of cars up close and in a very exciting manner.

The museum has a total of 45+ engaging exhibits that are entertaining as well as educating from which the incredible and extraordinary Titanic exhibit is a significant highlight of this museum.

It houses an exquisite collection of classic cars, motorcycles, vintage tractors, military vehicles, and rare antiques.

A day at Volo Museum would fill you with an abundant admiration for the artistry and history of automobiles. 

What To Expect at Volo Museum

The Volo Museum is a perfect tourist destination for all auto enthusiasts as well as all film and television lovers as you can have the benefit of walking amongst a unique and comprehensive collection of antique cars.

The museum allows you to explore various features and details of the history of automotives. 

You will get to see classic and muscle cars, a variety of luxury vehicles, various Hollywood cars featured in classic and iconic films and television shows, historical Military Vehicles, vintage and classical memorabilia, period boats, etc. 

Where To Buy Volo Auto Museum Tickets

If you are planning to visit the Volo Museum this time, then booking your tickets before your visit can be one of your best decisions.

Although, you can buy your tickets online as well as offline to visit the Volo Museum.

But it is good to buy your tickets online in advance as it is a more convenient and hassle-free option as compared to buying the tickets at the location itself.

Booking the tickets in advance will make your visit to the museum smoother and more enjoyable.

You will also get ample coupons and vouchers online which can help you get the tickets at a cheaper price.

Buying your Volo Auto museum tickets in advance can also prove to be helpful for you as you won’t be waiting in queues at the ticket counter and also would not worry about the tickets getting sold out before you get one for yourself. 

How To Book Volo Auto Museum Tickets Online

Step 1: Visit the Volo Auto Museum Chicago’s Booking Page.

Step 2: Choose your desired Date and number of tickets.

Step 3: Make your payment.

Step 4: You will get your tickets in your email after a successful purchase.

You do not have to carry a hard copy of your Volo Auto Museum tickets to the museum, you can show your tickets on your phone and you will get an entry to the museum.

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Volo Auto Museum Tickets Price

  • The Volo Auto Museum admission price is 20 US Dollars for everyone between 13 to 64 years old. 
  • For each senior citizen aged above 65 years, there will be a discount of 2 US Dollars, and their admission price will be only 18 US Dollars.
  • For children aged between 5 to 12 years, the Volo Auto Museum tickets will be for 13 US Dollars, as they also get a discount of 7 US Dollars.
  • The Volo Museum in Chicago allows kids below 4 years free entry. 
  • If you are a Military Professional and are carrying a valid ID with you, then you can get a discount of 17 US Dollars. 

Volo Museum Entry Tickets

Admission Tickets to the Volo Auto Museum include entry to every exhibit and display within the museum premises. 

You can also explore the gift shop in the museum, from where you can buy souvenirs and other memorabilia.

There is also a cafe in the museum premises, from where you can enjoy a light meal during your visit.

The restaurant has a wide variety of beverages, snacks, and other eatables for visitors.

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Volo Auto Museum Discount Tickets

You can get discounted tickets to the Volo Auto Museum by availing coupons available online.

The Volo Auto Museum discount tickets can get you a discount of 21%.

This discount is available for all visitors including children, adults, senior citizens, and military people.

How to redeem the coupons:

  1. CLICK HERE to visit the website to redeem coupons. 
  2. Select Volo Auto Museum Tickets. 
  3. Choose your desired quantity of tickets.
  4. Click on “Add to Cart”.
  5. Proceed for “Checkout”.
  6. Write the promotional code “FUN21” in the offer code box.
  7. A discount of 21% will apply to your Volo Auto Museum admission price.
  8. Proceed with payment.  


  1. Only valid for a 21% discount on the regular daily admission price. 
  2. You can not combine the Volo Museum coupons with any other offer/promotion.
  3. These coupons are valid only at Volo Museum, Jurassic Gardens, and Combo Daily admissions.


The coupons to avail 21% discount on your Volo Auto Museum tickets are valid till April 30, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions On Volo Museum

How much does the Volo Auto Museum cost?

The Volo Auto Museum’s regular admission price is 20 USD for visitors aged between 13-64 years, 18 USD for visitors above 65 years, 13 USD for children aged between 5 to 12 years, and free for kids below 4 years. 

How many cars does the Volo Museum have?

The Volo Auto Museum has a collection of over 300 vintage automobiles that you can browse upon your visit here. 

What time do the doors open at the Volo Museum?

The doors of the Volo Museum generally open up 90 minutes to 2 hours before time. Although it is good to always check before going. 

Does Volo Museum provide any special discounts for kids, senior citizens, and military personnel?

Yes, there are special discounts for kids, senior citizens, and military personnel. Kids below 4 years receive free entry, senior citizens get a discount of 2 USD, and military personnel a discount of 3 USD on the regular Volo auto museum admission price. 

Are there any additional coupons we can avail of to get discounts on the regular Volo Auto Museum admission price?

Yes, you can get an extra discount of 21% on the regular Volo auto museum tickets by availing of Volo museum coupons.

How to avail the Volo Auto Museum discount tickets?

You can avail of the Volo Auto Museum discount tickets by referring to the website mentioned above. There is a step-by-step process given to make your experience smoother. 

Joanette Jackson
Joanette Jackson
Took hubby here for his birthday. He loved it because he luvs cars. He wants to come back and me too. The dinosaurs were awesome ❤❤❤
Tiffany Trncic
Tiffany Trncic
This place is so cool! I loved everything and every section in the Volo Museum. I wish we had time to do the Jurassic Park part which is a separate museum section and u pay a fee as well there. They also have the Titanic part which they recommend older kids so we didn’t go to that section either, they also have a fee in that museum. But we were happy with just the Volo part, it was huge and so many different cars. They have very old model cars to cars used in Hollywood movies. I need to come back because we got there 2 hours before closing and we could of used more time but overall was so fun. They also have something in the Jurassic part for kids with sensory needs on specific Sundays I believe it’s every 3rd Sunday of the Month. I would double check and call in for the dates and times. Overall amazing place.
Kevin Markowski
Kevin Markowski
Spent 3 hrs. to get through 4 of 5 buildings. Great selection of vehicles
Dion Matthews
Dion Matthews
Great Time with Family! A Lot of nice cars and historic information. Nice place and nice people at the museum.